Discover the sales process that works when you care deeply....

5-Hour Homestudy Training

You do what you do because you care... to change lives, make the world a better place, and support people to create what they want…  

 But to do the work you're here to do, you've got to have paying clients. Which means you must find a way to enroll clients... Authentically. Effectively. And with your Integrity intact... 

It’s the ever-present conundrum of high-integrity, soul-lead practitioners…

"How do I thrive as a business owner, while maintaining my ethics as a leader?"

"How do I “make it” without selling out?

"How can I make more sales - and charge my worth - in a way that provides value?"

"And how do I bring on clients in a way that is not aggressive or sales-y?"

“I have a waiting list for new clients, and am in the process of hiring another massage therapist to work for me.”

—Julia Taylor  

“Not only has the number of regular massage clients increased by 156%, but I am also getting ready to launch my self-care program for women.”

— Rita K. Garnto

"Because of my work with Joanna, I have stepped wholly into my power and claiming my vision for the world."

—Lea Artis, Mystic, Coach, Alchemist to High Achievers,

The way that most coaches and transformational leaders have been taught to sell is based on incongruent tactics that actually damage the relationship and erode trust in the very people you want to help.

You’ve most likely figured out already that this doesn’t actually work. 

It doesn’t work for your potential clients. And it doesn’t work for you. 

It didn’t work for me either, nor for the coaches I train and mentor through my Sacred Depths Transformation Method. 

The good news?

The same ethical, trauma-informed Transformational Skills that we cultivate as Sacred Depths practitioners can be called upon as tools in our enrollment conversations.

So that these enrollment conversations become a potent activation in and of themselves while lovingly and with deep respect and honoring, invite a person to step into the void of creating a better future for themselves (in other words, saying YES! To working with you!)  

It’s not about false urgency and a “one-call close.” 

It’s not about shaming prospects by “overcoming their objections.” 

It’s not about rushing to “get the card number.”  


And co-creating TRANSFORMATION for others through every area of your business, including your Sales Conversations.  

Welcome to

In this high content homestudy training, you are going to cultivate a different kind of enrolling… One that deeply values the humanness involved and meets a higher standard of integrity and truth.  

Magnetizing clients is essential. Without clients, you don’t get to have a business doing the work that you love. Period.  

But after this training, you won’t have to feel uncertain, uncomfortable, or unsure about how to do so again.  

“I left my corporate job, started my own coaching business and made $275K in the first year! In my second year working with her I made $425K.”

Joanna is one of the best coaches in the industry. It has been a privilege to get to work with her. Through our work together 1:1 and in Sacred Depths, I left my corporate job, started my own coaching business, and made $275K in the first year! In my second year working with her I made $425K. I feel grateful to have her as my coach, challenging my inner belief systems and translating that into the success in my business. I sign up for every program she is offering because of how powerful the work is.

— Rachel Rider

"In my first 30 days working with Joanna, I made $26,000, sold out a 50-person workshop, booked 32 enrollment conversations, created, launched, and completely sold out my first digital business-building course) and filled my one-on-one practice."

— Krissy Leonard

“I have so far earned more in 2 months than I would have in 12 months in my day job and truly – I’ve only just begun!”

So confident had I become in my worth and the value of my work that I increased my rates by more than 250% and got 6 existing and 4 new clients into my new signature program to start. I have so far earned more in 2 months than I would have in 12 months in my day job and truly – I’ve only just begun!

— Caroline Diana Bobart

Here’s what you will learn in our virtual day together: 

Module 1

Activate Powerful Energetics for Your

Sales Conversation 

The worst thing you can do is to enter a prospect process without the right Energetics. That’s when you hedge, drop the ball, block intimacy with the prospect, and have trouble effectively communicating your value. 

In this session, you will:

  • Transform the inner pieces & fears that have prevented you back from nailing your sales calls (for example: "I’m not good enough", "I don’t want to sound slimy or salesy", or "What if the prospect gets mad that I’m charging too much?")
  • Learn how to connect deeply with your prospect so that full trust and vulnerability is created (this is KEY to making the sale)
  • Shift into actually ENJOYING sales calls and feeling great about the value you bring (another KEY to the sale!)
  • Embody the Leadership Energy necessary to lead a sales call with grace, confidence and respect for you & your prospect
  • Shift into being able to Say Your Aligned Pricing Out Loud without hesitating, choking, or last-minute lowering your rates.

My clients tell me over and over again that they’ve shifted from hating sales calls to absolutely LOVING them because they are clear on the Energetics. 

Module 2

Discover The Most Authentic, Ethical & Transformational Sales Script Ever (personalized by YOU for YOU!)

Here’s what NOT to do: step into an enrollment conversation with a prospect without a plan.  

In this module, you’ll learn my very own step-by-step formula and script for how to walk a prospect through an authentic, transformational & high-integrity enrollment process — one in which you feel good, in-integrity and excited about the work at hand. You’ll learn how to adapt the formula for your own unique style, ideal client and business, and you’ll get clear on how to confidently & ethically walk your prospects through each very important step of the process. 

Some of the specifics you’ll learn in this session are:  

  • The 4 Psychological Canyons any prospect needs to leap over in order to buy your services, and how to successfully support your prospects to leap over them.
  • How to help your aligned prospect gain a full understanding (mentally & emotionally) of why they needs your help right away (sales can't happen without this).
  • How to guide your prospect to see fully what is possible for them if they were to work with you - once they can visualize what's possible, they will much more motivated!
  • How to articulate exactly how your services are the exact fit for your prospects’ specific needs.
  • How to ease-fully ask for the business & name your rates without feeling “icky” or overbearing.
  • The Magic Question that is trauma-informed and poises an aligned prospect for a sale nearly every time. 
  • The process I share with you has created over $15M in sales for me and my clients over the last years, without ever compromising our values or our integrity.  

Module 3

Activate the Transformational Skills Needed to Make Better Sales 

When you make an offer to a potential client to work with you, you are inviting them into the next version of themselves.  

And their Ego won’t like it, as much as their heart and soul desires it.  

Which is exactly why we must deploy the HIGHEST LEVEL of transformational coaching tools when we make this invitation. Sales conversation that are of value to your prospects must activate the potential of their transformation. Period.

This program will cover the most impactful strategies available to you to allow your potential client to make the most empowered choice… the choice that could change their life.  

  • Deep Listening Skills so that you hear between the lines, & can reflect your prospect's Truth in a way where she feels seen, heard, and loved.
  • Powerful Questioning Skills so that you masterfully activate Breakthroughs that lead to sales.
  • Creating Awareness Skills so that you boldly mirror your prospect's Shadows & Strengths in ways that make your prospect feel you are necessary to her growth process.
  • Strategizing Skills so that your prospect is clear that you have the tools she needs to create results.

Module 4

Successfully Guide Your Prospect Through Resistance 

Even with total confidence and an amazing enrollment plan, prospect's can still come up on resistance sometimes. In this session, I’ll share with you some of the exact strategies and questions I use to walk prospects through the top 3 types of resistance: Money, Time and Timing.

In this session, you will learn:  

  • Non-sleazy strategies that help prospects transcend their money concerns. (And you only want to support prospects to do this if they can actually afford your programming. We do not believe in encouraging anyone to invest beyond their means or take out loans).
  • How to know when to walk someone through objections and when to lovingly end the conversation because it's truly not aligned.
  • How to create a sales container that is inspiring, yet isn't pushy or filled with false urgency.
  • How to help prospects see BEYOND their resistance to investment, and what is REALLY holding them back from stepping forward (hint: when they see this, it’s a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH moment for in their life & lifelong patterning, & they almost always say YES!) 

And a Powerful Bonus...


For Scheduling Prospect Calls, Reminders, Followups, And More

($595 Value)

I want you to be FULLY equipped for the most success. That's why I'm handing over to you all of my Enrollment Process email templates that are done and ready to go for you to start right away. You will get scheduling email templates, confirmation email templates, rescheduling email templates, followup email templates and more.

This will save you hours and hours of time (& stress around what to write!) and hold your prospects in a powerful container towards the sale.

You receive all of this for:

Get the Training Now

What this Virtual Training includes:

5 Hours of Ethical & Trauma Informed Sales Training

Done-for-You Sales Script

Done-for-You Scheduling Email Templates

Done-for-You Confirmation Email Templates

Done-for-You Followup Email Templates

  • ..
  • .
  • .
  • ..

Should you step into the training? Well, let me ask you this: 

How would it benefit your business if you actually had an enrollment process that you love?

How would it benefit you if that enrollment process was also highly effective in bringing ideal clients that you love working with into your practice & programs?  

If you were able to simply enroll ONE new client in the next month through this process what would that be worth to you?  

HINT: If you do it once… you can do it again. And again. And again.

The marketing I teach is so effective because I am an

Expert in Human Transformation and Human Motivation,

and in the last 20 years, I have mentored thousands on how to effectively & ethically elicit change in others. 

And what I’ve seen over & over again is the tools that I teach in my transformational methodology allow soul-led coaches, practitioners and transformational teachers to profoundly transform their sales calls into authentic, powerful and effective activations… 

Turning their prospects into beloved clients.

This training will help you to: 

  • Sign on more clients to work with you
  • Feel confident about offering higher rates
  • Know you are totally in INTEGRITY as you sell
  • Create an experience of value for your prospects
  • Stop letting ideal prospects fall through the cracks
  • Spend less time trying to generate leads and more time doing the work you love
  • actually Enjoy speaking to prospects!!
  • Have prospects feel instantly connected to you & your work
  • Have a sales system that works (& you don’t have to re-invent each time!)
  • Overcome the fears that get in your way of powerfully showing up for prospects
  • Have a trauma-informed sales process
  • Stop being so scared of or stymied by prospect resistance
  • Have prospects THANK you for the value & insight they received 

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"Joanna doesn't waste your time with fluff. She over delivers because she genuinely cares." 

—Loha Raphael, Loha Raphael Life Remix Coaching 

"My private practice is now operating at a whole new level that supports me even more than I knew possible as I now begin to monetize new programs and become even more visible in a much bigger way."

— Michelle Cohen,

"In the last nine months since working with Joanna, I have doubled my business and am on the way to at least tripling it."

—Ashley Burnett, Women's Leadership & Empowerment Coach,

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur. Is this training for me?  

A: If you are looking to improve your conversion rate of prospects to clients, or feel more confident to raise your rates, or feel more in-integrity in your sales process, or attract more aligned clients who are “your” people, then YES, this training is for you!  

Some of the tools I teach in this program will likely reinforce what you already know, thus making you more masterful at them. And many other of the tools I teach will be completely new to you, and will help you become even more effective at creating more and more aligned sales. 

I haven't had any sales conversations yet. Is this training for me?  

A: We look at basic and more advanced tools in this training. It is 100% suitable for new practitioners who are very smart and learn quickly, and who enjoy going deep with others. Through this training, you will also learn quite a bit about magnetizing clients and prospects in general. If you want all this, then YES, this training is for you! 

I’m seriously considering registering, but I have a few questions for you. Can I ask? 

A: Absolutely! If you have questions so that you can better determine if this is the right training for you, please ask! I love answering questions! You can email me at

I’m not a coach. I am [massage therapist, yoga instructor, real estate broker, fill in the blank here]. Is this training for me?  

A: YES, YES, YES!!!! If you are in the business of creating client transformations or supporting clients (or team members) to create a result, then you need the sales skills I teach in this training. 

What this Virtual Training includes:

6 Hours of Ethical Sales Training

Done-for-You Sales Script

Done-for-You Scheduling Email Templates

Done-for-You Confirmation Email Templates

Done-for-You Followup Email Templates

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • ...