The Sacred Depths Activation

with Joanna Lindenbaum, Founder of the Sacred Depths Coaching Certification 

Co-hosted by Lori Ives Godwin, Founder of SHIFT Charlotte


Deepen the skills, strategy & soul-set that will grow your business without burning you out 

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Our success in business is as dependent on our inner beliefs, confidence, willingness to be seen & heard and ability to receive money (for the work we love) as it is on our ability to deliver results to our customers. 

When we don't have this in place, it holds us back. 

We struggle. We have too many ups and downs to have our business feel safe and to allow us to reach our potential.  

We started a business because we care deeply about our work and desire to thrive, make a difference and lead.  

But… The business of running a business is challenging. 

"Joanna will set you up for THE best marketing you could ever have in your business – scores of happy clients you’ve helped in ways greater than you could have ever hoped for, or imagined."

For years, I have secretly wished for an experienced, mastery-level coach to step up and create the certification I wish I’d had back when I was new to coaching. Something that could cut YEARS off the learning curve of an ambitious, highly driven yet empathic woman like me; something with the repeatable secrets of how to REALLY move clients to their success. Joanna is that coach, and Sacred Depths IS that certification.

Coaching is more than listening; it’s more than asking the right question at the right time. Coaching is the ability to BE with the wild emotional ride that IS your clients’ process of transformation – while being with your own at the same time! Very few coaching certifications out there speak to this, let alone teach it. But Joanna goes THERE, because she knows that your success depends on more than knowing how to get clients, or feeding them tired “done for you blueprints” without REALLY understanding the inner processes at play when making big leaps.  

With Sacred Depths, you’ll get exactly what you need to stand out as a coach in today’s crowded marketplace: mastery-level skills that empower you to facilitate epic results for your clients. Too many coach training programs make OTHER things the focus, like marketing and “done for you” content. Instead, Joanna gives you the real-world skills, AND the personal growth for YOU that is required to succeed – for your clients will only go as far as YOU do!  

Whether you’re new to coaching (just getting started) or you’re an experienced coach looking to get past your own blind spots and triggers so you can take your client results to the next level… Sacred Depths is for you. Joanna will set you up for THE best marketing you could ever have in your business – scores of happy clients you’ve helped in ways greater than you could have ever hoped for, or imagined.  

— Elizabeth Purvis, Master Coach and Founder, Feminine Magic®  

Let’s do something about that, shall we? 

In this powerful one day live event you are going to gain the inner skills to grow your business. 

This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT if you desire…

  • More clients, more repeat clients, more referrals
  • More confidence in marketing, outreach and with clients
  • To be better at enrollment conversations & sign clients with ease 
  • To raise your rates with confidence & integrity
  • For your reputation to precede you
  • If you want to move clients out of stuck places, fears, obstacles that keep them in non-action or non-growth 

Here’s a small taste of our day together:

  • A massive shift in mind-set and soul-set around your confidence in yourself & your marketing
  • Non traditional (but absolutely vital) tools and techniques to make your marketing more powerful and persuasive
  • A full understanding of the Resistance Archetypes (The Victim, The Judge, The Flake, The Know it All, & The Needy One) and how to apply this wisdom for more effective client work and more effective sales
  • A fresh and highly advanced look at listening skills to bring to your client work as well as your marketing
  • A much more aligned and updated vision for your business (& strategies for achieving it)
  • Ideas on how to help even the most difficult clients through their fears, blocks and obstacles
  • Skills to level up the types of results and transformation you co-create with clients 

This will be an intimate, workshop style event with lots of time for experiential learning, feedback and having ALL your questions answered.  

You’ll have the opportunity and plenty of space to practice the high caliber new skills that you learn.  

The event will be held in a container of sacred space and non-judgement and you’ll make deep connection with like-minded coaches, healers & practitioners. 




Elemental Healing, Charlotte, NC

November 1st 2019

9:30AM - 4PM (Registation: 9AM) 

“This is not your every-day coach training program. You will walk away with the skills you need to become a master and leader in the coaching industry.”  

I have had the pleasure of working with Joanna on a number of different occasions. She has always proven to be a master at whatever she sets her mind to do. I had already been through a coach certification program but what Joanna covers in the course took my coaching skills to a much deeper level. After Sacred Depths I feel much more able to hold space for my clients to not simply reach their goals but to also experience profound transformation in the process. Joanna doesn’t do fluff – it’s deep work and it’s work that will challenge you personally and equip you to support those you feel called to serve. If you’re on the fence about this program, do yourself a favor and take the leap. You won’t regret it!  

— Makeda Pennycooke, 

“I have learned so much about myself as a woman and as a coach that I never could have imagined.”  

Working with Joanna in Sacred Depths has been (and continues to be) transformational. 

I became aware of something new and wonderful during each training session, and I have learned so much about myself as a woman and as a coach that I never could have imagined. 

Through the training, I have come to peace with traumatic events in my life that I didn't even realize were still open wounds. If you have the chance to work with Joanna, TAKE IT! It's a long program, but it is worth every second you will spend in it.  

— Gailyc Braunstein, 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the day?  

We are going to cover a LOT of ground over the hours we have together. I am going to teach you step-by-step strategies to be able to strengthen your business, your marketing, and your sales conversations, and your client work. But we won’t stop there. We will also go deep into inner work and experiential processing so that you have the personal mind-set and soul-set shifts you need in order to put your new skills to use!  

I’m a seasoned practitioner. Is this for me?  

Yes! This very special workshop is for you whether you are just starting out or already earning multiple 6 figures. No matter where you are in your business, the tools you will receive during our day together will help you get to your own personal next level.  

When will this event happen again? 

This is a 1-time only event. The last time I hosted an event open to the public in Charlotte was over 6 years ago, and I don’t anticipate hosting another one for quite some time again.  

I learn best when I can interact. Is there personalized attention given during the day? 

Yes! There are a limited amount of spots available for the day, and I’ve designed this on purpose so that we can be an intimate, interactive group. I will track you and your progress throughout the day, and there will be plenty of time for sharing, questions, and personalized feedback.  

Meet your Facilitator Joanna Lindenbaum…

Hello, there. 

I’ve dedicated the last 18 years of my life to MASTERY of transformational leadership, coaching and facilitation. Over the last 18 years I have led literally HUNDREDS of Retreats, workshops, rituals, classes and seminars. In that time I’ve led thousands of women and men in the United States and abroad in 1:1 coaching work and in groups. And I have been training coaches and facilitators for over a decade as well.  

I am proud to share that my clients credit our work together as some of the most profound and life-defining work they have ever done.  

They tell me that the experience I lead them through is of higher quality than anything else out there. They thank me for guiding them to achieve their most desired goals, and perhaps more importantly: to become more of whom they are meant to be.  

My leadership has activated and healed participants deeply and in very sacred ways, has yielded results that I would have never imagined, has generated more income for me through clients resigning and telling their friends, and has left me feeling satisfied, connected to my brilliance, and knowing I am living out my sacred mission in the world.  

Meet your Co-host Lori Ives-Godwin...

​Everyone has a story. Mine comes in a few parts.  

Part I takes up the first 35 years of my life. I grew up, went to college, got a great job, a little later got married, had two children and lived what would look from the outside like a pretty great life. And it was.  

But that pretty good life came with some significant back pain, an internal emptiness, and a life that was not so much about making choices but being on auto pilot with a trajectory of what I was 'supposed to want', without actually stopping to think about what I really wanted. This trajectory was abruptly interrupted as I personally experienced a friend's decline and subsequent healing. If you have ever experienced a miracle, or a rebirth, or a second chance; you know that your life does not go on as before. When you can see a major life event as a wake up call, your life naturally takes a turn as what you believe is important can change in an instant when you realize there is more to this world than you ever knew.  

And so begins part II - the transition. I walk through the door to a new world and I am ravenous to acquire the information and skills to help me live differently on the planet. I slowly immersed myself in the world of the holistic, the alternative, and the integrative. I learned more about the various disciplines that inhabit the mind, body, spirit community and brought many of these skills and knowledge into my daily life slowly transforming how I viewed the world and lived on the planet. I removed the back pain and could feel joy and happiness in new deeper ways. I started to make more conscious choices and understand more about myself and what it was to be authentic to who I am.  

Of course, understanding who you are and seeking answers to your life's burning questions does not exactly match the ethics of current corporate America. The dichotomy between my personal growth and my corporate life was on a crash course and 5 years into my growth, it was time to end this chapter of my life and walk through the next doorway into something new.  

And thus part III - what now. I had a blank slate. The world was open. What did I want to do? What was inside me that needed to come out? As an extrovert with a strong archetype of community builder I wanted to shout from the rooftops. So in a time when Facebook was brand new, most businesses could not afford to have a real website, and one in which we all read our email; I started a business to help other local businesses connect and share their message with the world. I got to interact with people in Charlotte like me, seekers who were looking for more and once finding it, wanting to share it with others. My love for my new knowledge grew and shouting from the rooftops transformed from websites to events where I could bring people together to build tribe and community.  

And so here I am. Half a decade on the planet. Part I, II, and III of my life in my rear view mirror. I can feel that I am at a transition point again. I am standing in the next doorway knowing that when I walk through, my trajectory is going to turn again. But this time, I am walking through consciously, with a smile, knowing that what awaits me next, is better than anything I have ever experienced. I am willing. I am excited. I am ready.